Ideas Under Consideration

Entertainment: We have Nick Wilsden lined up to be regular entertainment but we also would love to support any other musicians, clowns, dancers etc. Toastmasters has a regular soapbox platform where anyone interested can get up and talk about any issue. This market really is to promote the community, so if you have an idea, get in touch!

Sponsored all weather Gazebos: We've found some military grade gazebos at a discounted prices from the lovely people at Hunting and Outdoor Supplies right here in Carterton ( Potential sponsorship is available with printed logos on these - let us know if you might like to be a sponsor. They have also offered very competitive rates just to Farmer's Market vendors so let us know if you would like to know more about this.

Location: Most of the year we are located in beautiful Memorial Square, on the roundabout in Carterton. For the winter months of June, July and August we will be in our fabulous winter location, 25 High Street in Carterton.

Other Events: We are very happy to work in and around any existing events such as ANZAC or Daffodil Day.

Themed markets: If an event is coming up, then why not support it? For example, the A&P show, Kokomai, Daffodil Day, Wings over Wairarapa, Easter, Christmas... the ideas are endless

Stall Usage: There will be several stalls available for 'casual' use, so if you only periodically have enough produce to sell, you can access the market that way. We have no problem with people sharing stalls, as long as they stay within their boundaries – so if Sally has too many pumpkins, Dan has too many chillis and Sara has too many feijoas then why not combine to get a stall?  You'll need to book the stall in advance but we'd like to encourage selling of excess produce.

Have you more good ideas? Get in touch!

  • The proposed site for the market at Memorial Square

    A local, weekly Sunday market at Memorial Square