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We are delighted that you are considering helping the Carterton Farmer’s Market.

The market is run and maintained by a small group of keen community members (Iris Christopher, Helen Dew, Audrey Sebire, Dan Broughton, Helen Robertson, Chris Hewer, Sara Sutherland & Louisa Broughton), as a not-for-profit venture.

The aim is to have a regular weekly Sunday morning market at the Memorial Square location that will provide vendors a reasonably priced option to sell their goods, plus a fabulous, fun and funky way for shoppers to spend their time and money!

How You Can Help

Why do we need help funding the market? The intention is to not run the market at a profit, but there are costs that need to be covered, especially in the start up phase. Our goal is for the market to self fund and employ a market manager to run it on a weekly basis. Any profit that is made will be put back into the market.

We have future plans to build the popularity and atmosphere of the market; if you would like to know more about where fund are intended to go, please get in touch!

What do you get out of being a sponsor at the Market?

  • With a huge amount of interest from prospective buyers (local and beyond), we have a ready-and-waiting consumer base! We have around 500 Facebook followers and the local press is intrigued and ready to help us promote

  • Gold Sponsors receive:

    • Advertising on our website to promote your business and wares. This can help drive more customers to your existing website, or can mean you have some presence online for customers to find you.

    • Prominent, periodic sponsor media coverage - we will discuss what works best for you to give you visibility in printed advertising at the market (signwriting on gazebos etc). Sponsor level $1000 plus.

  • Silver Sponsors receive:

    • A basic write up and photo on the website, a link (if applicable) to your own website, plus periodic media coverage. Sponsor level $200 plus.

  • Friend of the Market:

    • You are listed on the website and on any other sponsor related media. Sponsor level $50 - $100.

Download Sponsor Info

For more information, please contact Louisa Broughton:
info@cartertonmarket.co.nz or phone 027 3969941

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