Terms & Conditions

This website is presently part of a submission for approval to proceed. The information contained within is based around the concept of an ongoing, weekly farmers market to be held in Carterton CBD. This has not yet been confirmed to proceed or running at present.

Although we try to maintain and update this website, the information contained within may not be accurate. If you would like more information, do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Soapbox

Each week Carterton Farmers' Market present the CDBI / Toastmasters' Soapbox for use by the public. This is a resource to allow our local residents and visitors to have their say to the crowds at the market.

Carterton Farmers' Market, it's management team and the stallholders have no part in or direct control over the content of "free speech" that is presented by the individual user of the Soapbox and as such takes no responsibility for the content.

If you are easily offended by controversial or contradictory viewpoints, please leave the market ground during the time a presenter is speaking.

The Carterton Farmers Market Team

  • The proposed site for the market at Memorial Square

    A local, weekly Sunday market at Memorial Square