Winter Market, 1st June - 28th August

Hi there lovely market stallholders! 

Winter is fast approaching and things are looking good for our location for June - August 2016. It is in Ross Black's shop next to Mirabelle, on High Street. Mirabelle is intending to open earlier for coffee & hopefully food too.

It has many positives:

  • High Street location good for visibility 
  • Areas under verandah in this and adjoining shops available for outdoor but sheltered spots; a gazebo won't be needed for these stalls.
  • 7 stall spaces of 2m x 2m inside, placed around a lovely community space that Kylie has created, with up cycled tables and chairs plus a kids zone. We'll have newspapers and magazines about for reading. These stallholders can keep their spot between markets so setup much easier.
  • A kitchen at the back is being used to offer breakfast - healthy and not so healthy hotcakes, bacon sandwiches and cups of tea all at reasonable prices. 
  • A good sized car-park out back where Wendy is going to have her plants. There will be some tables and chairs out back for eating off, so should create a nice garden centre style atmosphere. If extra coffee is needed, this is where the coffee cart will be.
  • Another room at the side / back of shop for a massage therapist offering inexpensive relaxing massages
  • An alley way down the side, which will have a lovely interesting market / street party vibe. 
  • Several doors in and out of shop from the front, back and side so all of the spaces are easily accessible. There's also a toilet on site.
  • The whole shop is going to look very cool, with an area for community notices amongst other things.

Join Us

So - what do you need to do now? Each of the areas only has limited spaces. It's going to be first in, first served so get in touch ASAP letting us know which location you'd like. 

There is less capacity for casual stallholders; if you are wanting to do only occasional markets then you can either contact us near the time and hope there might be a spot available, or you can join with another stallholder to work out a roster amongst yourselves. Regular stallholders will have priority for the indoor spots. 

Stallholder Costs

What is it going to cost? The usual rate of $10 per week for the quarter or $20 per week for casual stands for the outdoor locations. A surcharge of $5 to go indoors, so $15 per week when paid per quarter of $25 per week casual (if a casual space is available).

Get in touch if you want to know more - email us here


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