About the Farmers Market

Mission Statement

The market provides regular, reliable, affordable produce to provide Carterton residents a regular opportunity to buy local, and local vendors a platform to sell directly to the consumer. Also to supply items of interest to sell to visitors and increase foot traffic in Carterton through increased visibility. The market should have a positive impact on the Carterton Community.

Our Team

We are a friendly and enthusiastic bunch of locals running a Farmer's Market in the Carterton Town Centre.

Our team have a great range of skills and experience, which we're channelling into this Carterton-based project; the team includes:

  • Iris Christopher
  • Helen Dew
  • Audrey Sebire
  • Dan Broughton
  • Helen Robertson
  • Chris Hewer
  • Sara Sutherland
  • Louisa Broughton
  • The proposed site for the market at Memorial Square

    A local, weekly Sunday market at Memorial Square