Hello potential Fundraisers,

Please take this opportunity to raise funds for your school, club or not for profit organization. The Annual Plant Sale takes place on the Sunday of Labour Day Weekend. Last year’s plant sale was very successful and raised funds for the Dalefield School Pool Project. You can take advantage of the additional people who will be in the Wairarapa over the weekend.

We plan to make this a fun, activity filled day. There will be food, coffee, and other interesting items for sale. Memorial Square is the ideal place for family picnics so bring your whanau along.

You can raid your gardens for seeds now and start planting soon. The bigger your plants, the better opportunity for fundraising. Learning about growing is a great activity for children. Have your group or family plant and nurture, then reap the rewards of the sale

The Farmers Market Team do have some seeds and pots available. Please email the CFM team (below) if you would like some:

Carterton Farmers Market Information

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cartertonmarket/
  • Website: https://www.cartertonmarket.co.nz/
  • Email info@cartertonmarket.co.nz

Please consider coming to our market.

We would welcome you and promote your participation.


Iris Christopher


Carterton Farmers Market